Storage Positions

storage-positionsWith our overhead storage racks the options are endless. We can install one of our overheads in just about any space. The racks are available in 7 sizes and heights are adjustable from 10” down to 8’.

If you are unsure of what you need it is not a problem. Our installers can walk you through you garage and offer suggestions before they ever begin the installation. We try to keep several sizes in stock so they can make adjustments while they are at your house. You can always change your order at anytime, we do not charge or bill until the products are installed.

The most common place we install is directly above the garage door near the front wall. This is an area that can not be seen from the street and is easy to access with the door closed. If you have lower ceilings the rear wall opposite the garage door is another option. On this wall there is nothing to interfere and we can drop it as low as you wish. We generally suggest at least 6’6” from the floor to allow ample room to walk underneath.

If those two spots won’t work we can hang them in the middle of the garage, side walls, corners, closets, underneath decks, basements, you name it we’ll hang it!