Raleigh, North Carolina’s capital city, is known as a lively city that is an essential element to the “Research Triangle”. With a population edging towards half a million people, Raleigh is the focal point for our Garage Gear Store crews and our Garage Gear Solutions business.

Residents in the Raleigh area have come to trust Garage Gear Store for all of their garage storage needs. We help residents with garage storage products ranging anywhere from slatwall panels and hooks, bicycle lifts, ladder lifts, and workbenches to overhead storage racks and heavy duty wall shelves.

Whether you live in the middle of the action in downtown Raleigh, or on the quiet outskirts, Garage Gear Store is here to assist you with great service and products. At Garage Gear Store, it’s no surprise we love serving the dynamic Triangle area. Please contacts us by filling out our online form to the right, or by calling (919) 841-0030. We can provide a free quote and suggest a good time to get started on decluttering your garage.