Ladder Lift

302-1The Racor Ladder Lift from Garage Gear Store is the perfect way to store any ladder overhead and free up extra garage space. The Ladder Lift uses a rope and pulley system along with a fixed hook that is mounted to your ceiling. You can easily lift a 150lb ladder of any length. Just place the top of the ladder onto the fixed hook, attach the strap to the bottom of the ladder, and pull the rope. When you’re ready to use the ladder, unlock the rope and lower it.

The pulleys and the fixed hook do most of the work, making an 80lb ladder feel like it’s only 10lbs: an 8:1 mechanical advantage. A unique locking mechanism holds the rope securely in place to prevent accidental release.

Local Pricing Within 50 Mile Radius of Raleigh:

  • Racor Ladder Lift 99.00 each installed



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