What is Monster Rax?


MONSTERRAX™ is an industrial strength storage racking system that can be suspended from a garage ceiling at varying adjustable heights and colors. They are derived from standard pallet racking shelving components typically found in commercial storage facilities. Heavy duty C channel beams are strong enough to support even the heaviest of items.

How can MONSTERRAX™ add value to my home?

Adding space is adding value. The space is already there why not use it? One rack dropped 24” from the ceiling is equal to one 64 square foot closet. Going from 24”-45” will give you the space of two extra closets for the price of one rack. Imagine clearing out two full closets in your home.

How will MONSTERRAX™ help me organize?

Overhead racks are perfect for seasonal items and stuff that doesn’t get used everyday. Getting your items off of the floor will allow you to take back that garage for what it was intended for, your car! Overhead racks are also perfect for getting extra items out of indoor closets and freeing up interior space. Keeping your house neat and organized makes everyday life much better.

Is MONSTERRAX™ hard to Install?

On a scale of 1 to 10 the installation is about a 5 for the average person. For a first timer a 4’ x 8’ rack should take between 1-2 hours. Standard drill and hand tools are all you will need. A stud finder and an extra hand would make things a lot easier for a first timer. Our installers can install one in about 45 minutes

Is there a warranty?

Yes! For as long as you own your home. We are so confident in our product that it comes with a Lifetime Warranty. This is not only through our company but the manufacturer as well. Garage Gear Store also offers a Lifetime Warranty on installation and if any issue arises it will be taken care of at no charge. We will insure you are completely satisfied.