We offer complete installations & DIY

Option 1: Professional InstallationThe product line is Monster Rax and installation is always guaranteed.. To save time and guarantee the job is done right call Garage Gear Store. We offer every size but only stock the most popular 4’ x 8’ Monster. We know the business of overhead racks and how to install them properly, safely and quickly. When you call 919-841-0030, we’ll need to know a few things about the garage. Most times estimates can be provided over the phone and some require a site visit at no charge.

Install times are typically about 45 minutes per rack from the time we arrive at your home. Having the work space clear is always helpful in making the installation process easier. We pride ourselves on quality if at anytime you are not completely satisfied with your installation please give us a call. 919-841-0030

Option 2: Do-It-Yourself

For the handyman homeowner wanting to save a little on installation costs this is the option for you. Please be aware that the installation of overhead ceiling racks is not always a simple process!!! Determine the space available by measuring your garage ceiling area. Measuring the drop-down space available is important also when ordering. Know what you need before you make your purchase and buy only what you need. If you are not sure if you have enough space over the garage door, measure the distance from the ceiling to the highest point on the door runner, and subtract 6 inches.

You will want to clear your garage floor space directly below the installation area. Look through the installation instructions, layout the parts and you’re set to go! Read through the installation instructions first and make sure you have the tools required to finish the job. Last but certainly not least, ENJOY THE PROJECT! You are reclaiming the floor space that is rightfully yours and you will be amazed with the results. If you enjoyed working with Garage Gear Store and want to recommend us to a friend or neighbor, we would greatly appreciate it.